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  1. Keigo

    Keigo Member

    Hi guys! Hoping to get some advice as I've been trying to fix my turning kick; I've been told that it lacks power, and after trying to troubleshoot it with my instructors, I was told the following:

    1) head instructor said that it is too snappy - I re-chamber my leg too fast after the kick so the power doesn't get transferred to the target, and I end up just lightly tapping it. He wants me to 'push' more into the target. I'm trying to not re-chamber my leg too soon, but another instructor tells me that I'm leaving my leg extended out for too long and so I have trouble following up with other kicks.

    2) last week another instructor told me that I need to turn my hips more and drive my knee past the target before extending my leg. He gave me some drills to work on, and I was pretty sure I had it down as I noticed a considerable improvement in my movement and power when we did some sparring drills on Tue. Fast forward to Thur, I was really excited to show him the results (he did not teach on Tue), but strangely, I couldn't get it right for the whole session :/ I was really stumped, went home and tried again on a wall, and it seemed fine. I'm thinking it could be the position of the target. On Tue, we were kicking our partner's hogu (chest protector), so the target would be more in line with myself i.e I could kick down the centre line. But on Thur we were using a kicking shield which was held to the side, so I reckon my leg was hitting the target before I could fully turn over. Diagram to show what I mean:

    X (partner wearing hogu)
    | (kicking path)
    X (me)

    X ]] (X is partner, ]] is the kicking shield)
    __/ (kicking path)
    X (me)

    Does that make any sense? XD Has anyone encountered this problem before or am I just the weird one out? Gotta wait til next week before I get to see my instructor again, and this is really bothering me to the point I couldn't sleep, so was hoping to get some help in the meantime >.<
  2. ssiidd

    ssiidd Active Member

    You are not the only one I can assure you. A lot of students, I for one, have been in the exact same spot :)

    I would agree with the technique in 2) above. For turning kick

    1- Chamber - a) facing shield/paddle/partner raise your knee up high, as you would for a front kick. There shouldn't be a gap between the legs. b) bring your hips around, while pivoting your standing foot away from the target so now your knee is past your target (target is roughly in the middle of your shin .. between knee and ankle)
    2- Kick - extend your kicking leg, your instep forms an arc, going through the target. Your knee should be relaxed so the kicking leg snaps out like a whip and 'coils' back, without you having to put effort into bringing it to the chamber position.

    If your knee is not past your target and stopping at the target or before, there will be no power.
    If your knee is so far past your target your ankle is almost aligned with it, your are over rotating your hip.
    If your standing foot is not pointing away from the target, you will not be able to bring your hip around and lose power.

    You should be standing straight/tall (imagine drawing a straight line from head to standing heel)

    In your diagram above, Tuesday's technique is right. Thursday's technique ... your knee needs to go past the target/shield.

    Hope this helps.
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  3. Chris J

    Chris J Active Member

    try extending the kick 30 deg before the target, the extra momentum created will increase the speed and thus create more power.
    Just don't miss as this sort of technique will have you spinning on the spot. All other pointers given above are correct.
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  4. Keigo

    Keigo Member

    Thanks for the advice guys. Sorry for the late reply as I've been busy practising after reading your posts :p

    Edit: Hit the wrong button and posted before I finished my reply by accident -.-
  5. Keigo

    Keigo Member

    Managed to kidnap my instructor for a short while last night, and he pointed out how my knee still doesn't go past the shield. It sounds simple enough, and he certainly makes it look easy, but I'm still having trouble with it :/ Now I'm beginning to wonder if I'm extending my leg too early, so I hit the target before my knee goes past it.

    And this too! I can't get that 'coil' effect, maybe its like you said, my knee isn't relaxed enough, but I'm worried if I were to relax my knee, I might hyperextend it if I miss the target especially during sparring?
  6. ssiidd

    ssiidd Active Member

    Use something that forces your leg to raise up and knee around, like a chair or a table with a book balanced on it. Your standing foot and the back or the chair (or book) should be in parallel, raise your knee (tight chamber) and think, rotate hips to bring the knee past the target (don't try to take the knee past without rotating hips)

    Don't worry too much about hyperextension. Unless your kick is extremely fast/powerful, your leg will not extend past its natural position. This is what the target helps with as well, it prevents you from extending the leg too much, allowing you to deliver power into the target. Imagine hands of a clock, you start at the 10 position and end at the 2 position, 12 position being the target, for example).
    You can also practice standing in a door frame, just the chamber (don't kick :) )

    Hope this helps.

    P.S start low and gradually go high. Practice the chamber, knee position and hip rotation kicking low and gradually build up.
  7. Keigo

    Keigo Member

    Thanks ssiidd! I've been practicing the chamber while standing in a door frame for the past few days, hopefully my body will remember the motion during training later. Will also try to relax my knee more and see how it goes :D
  8. ssiidd

    ssiidd Active Member

    All the best! Any questions, do ask.

  9. Keigo

    Keigo Member

    Just thought I'd update here. Last week, my instructor had checked my chamber and we both agreed that it was fine. But when it was time to start kicking the shield, I couldn't get my knee past it again. We're both pretty stumped lol. It was probably just my old habit kicking in again (no pun intended). Its been a status quo since then, and just been practising the chamber.

    But now I have a new suspicion that I might be extending my leg too early in the kick, so I end up hitting the target with an almost straight leg, which is also probably why I have trouble driving my knee past the target. Should I work on bringing my knee past the target first before extending the leg?

    On the bright side, I have learnt to relax my knee and just throw the kick now, although I still forget every once in awhile :Ddamn these habits! So hard to get rid of them :mad:
  10. ssiidd

    ssiidd Active Member

    Yes absolutely! Also, not to confuse you further but as you chamber think heel, shoulder head should be aligned.

    Good to hear :) keep practicing! think, muscle memory. It should get to a point where you don't have to actively think about it. A tip I was given was to practice 100 kicks a day, starting off slowly and getting the technique right. In about 7-10 days you should see improvement.

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