US Open 2016 Reno, NV (Questions, Concerns, Comments)

Discussion in 'Taekwondo Sparring' started by Justin P. Weschenfelder, Jan 24, 2016.

  1. Hey everyone, been a while.

    I'm just wondering, I've looked and looked and looked, and I can't see if there are any rules against NOT having a Coach Present. The particular wording used in the rules is "ONE Coach MAY Enter the Competition Area with the Contestant."

    Also, Anyone on here going?
  3. Mario Ray Mahardhika

    Mario Ray Mahardhika Active Member

  4. Oh, silly semantics. Article 10-3: The contestant shall enter the ring with one coach and one doctor out physiotherapist(if any)

    I think the "if any" part is referring to the doctor or physiotherapist, but it could be argued that grammatically speaking "if any" could be applied to both the coach and doctor.

    Of course there would be disadvantages to not having a coach, like being unable to protest or ask for a video replay, but it's something I just have to accept. I always believe that winning should be clear, and if the contest isn't going your way but everyone(spectators, referees, and your opponent) can see that you are clearly the dominant player, then the points don't matter, the medal doesn't matter. That day was just not your day, or you didn't do ENOUGH. The experience is what is really important. Being disqualified because you don't have a coach is bs. I know some coaches that are going, but they might be too busy and some have a conflict of interest.

    I just can't afford to bring my own coach.

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