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  1. Jenny 8

    Jenny 8 New Member

    Going off of sharing class drills, What's your favorite activity or technique to do with a Wave Master or heavy bag?
  2. Jenny 8

    Jenny 8 New Member

    I'll start;

    We make 2 lines behind to Wave Bags stationed at one end of the gym
    - The students are to do a back kick or push kick to the bag
    - The goal is to get the bag to other side of the gym using the assigned technique only.
    - The first line to make it, wins
  3. Gnarlie

    Gnarlie Well-Known Member

    Depends on the design of the bag, but we quite often do a step drill, where you go close to the standing bag, step up onto the black base and either crescent kick or dollyo over the top of the bag. Good cardio, sort of a cross between a step class and a bag drill.

    We also often use the base to do tricep and deltoid dips off of.

    Sometimes I have the higher grades practice Santeul Makki between two free standing bags. Good core workout if they have to move the bags.

    My favourite with our three free standing bags is to form three lines with a bag at the front of each, line 1, 2 and 3. The guy at the front of line 1 is the instructor. The instructor leads, and the guys at the front of lines 2 and 3 copy the technique, then all three go to the back of their respective lines and the people behind move forward and do the same. Each time the instructor comes round again, he repeats the previous techniques and adds one more, repeating the cycle until everyone is good and sweaty.
    I love this drill because it does not need speech and is an opportunity for the instructor to show flow drills on the bag.

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