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Discussion in 'Suggestions & Feedback' started by Kevin, Apr 2, 2012.

  1. Kevin

    Kevin Administrator Staff Member

    Welcome to TaekwondoForums.com - a new discussion forum that is dedicated to Taekwondo!

    The best get help with your Taekwondo is directly from your own club. Listen to the advice given to you by the black belts at your club and those with more experience. That being said, the internet is a great resource for learning new techniques, getting new ideas and improving your overall skill level.

    I hope that these forums will be a place for Taekwondo practitioners all around the world to call home. So what are you waiting for - why not introduce yourself and tell us a little about yourself. :)

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  2. Aika

    Aika New Member

    I will be looking forward to using this forum site and learning new things about taekwondo. I am open to listen some advices from people with more experience to help me to improve myself. Glad to be here.
  3. Kevin

    Kevin Administrator Staff Member

    Glad to have you here too Aika (not sure how I missed your post before - Sorry!) :)

    I've been really pleased to see a lot of new members join up over the last week. It's really encouraging to see and I'm sure in no time we will have a great community here.

    If you guys ever need any help with using the site, please give me a buzz. Also, if you ever want to change your username (for any reason), just let me know what username you want and I'll change it (as long as it isn't already taken). Obviously we don't want members change their usernames all the time as it can get confusing though I know what it's like to sign up to a forum using a name and then later regret choosing it :)

    The site is still kind of a work in progress at the moment. I'm still not 100% sure on the colour scheme being used here. One thing I will definitely be changing is the logo however I'm going to wait until we have more members, then we could all discuss the issue and brainstorm some ideas.

    Great to have you all here. If you have a few minutes, please introduce yourself to the community :)

  4. Kenji

    Kenji New Member

    Thank you. Im glad to be here. Its a great forum where everybody can learn, share and give advice to others. I want to learn from people so that I will improve myself.
  5. Kevin

    Kevin Administrator Staff Member

    Thanks Kenji. :)
  6. Brian

    Brian Member

    Thanks for the site - I'm looking forward to meeting new TKD people and having discussions.
  7. Kevin

    Kevin Administrator Staff Member

    Great to have you here Brian :)
  8. Gazzer

    Gazzer Active Member

    People here need to stop pressing the reply button on large posts, and then they write in the inserted quote as well.... :rolleyes:
  9. Kevin

    Kevin Administrator Staff Member

    haha yeah. The reply link actually links with a quote by default. To simply respond normally you need to scroll to the bottom of a thread and leave a reply.
  10. Daniel Sullivan

    Daniel Sullivan New Member

    Signed up yesterday. I'm liking the forum! Thanks!
  11. Kevin

    Kevin Administrator Staff Member

    Glad to have you here Daniel. The forum is still fairly new but we have a great number of members already. I'm sure it will get better and better. :)

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