Were Chang Hon forms influenced by Malaysian martial arts?

Discussion in 'Taekwondo Patterns' started by Samurai Monkey, May 8, 2016.

  1. Samurai Monkey

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    I have been practicing in taekwondo for 4 years in a Chang Hon based system. I have noticed in my research that many helped develop the forms though Gen Choi is often given primay credit. I am wondering if Malaysian martial arts influenced the formation of taekwondo forms while Gen Choi was serving there?
  2. Pleonasm

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    The only influence I know of is Shotokan. And Shotokan had it's forms from Okinawa Karates Shorin and Shorei.
  3. Gnarlie

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    It would be worth looking into SGM Kim Bok Man's experiences in the time when he was stationed in Malaysia before he began to help Choi put the forms together. Influences from local martial arts would be a possibility.

    Buy his book on the Origins and get his view of how things developed.
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  4. Finlay

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    Malaysian and indonesian arts are huge. The term silat is a general umbrella term for all.manner of fighting arts. You could probably quite easily find a style that resembles karate or tkd. I am unaware of any direct influence though

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