what is your preferred method of self defense in taekwondo

Discussion in 'Self Defense' started by michael mckenna, Jun 6, 2014.

  1. Chris J

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    Arseholes never care for rules or etiquette, so why should I care for their rights or well being?
  2. Gnarlie

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    Hmm, that's not really my point. My point is that there's loads of relevant, real and useful information out there that we can all learn from, in whatever form it comes. Granted, nothing is more valuable than personal experience, and you have to sort the good sources from the bad, but that does not negate the value of those good sources. You seem to be writing off anything other than personal experience of violence as worthless, but I'm not sure that's what you really mean.

    You seem to assume that nobody here has as much experience of real life violence as you do. I'm not sure that such an assumption is necessarily correct. Just because we don't want to air our experiences here, doesn't mean they are not there.

    In response to your quoted post, I would say everybody is deserving of respect unless they prove otherwise. We are brothers on this Earth after all.

    Respectfully, Gnarlie.
  3. NoBullShitFighting

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    I think that self-defence is only yin at first, until it reaches a certain treshold, then it is only a hurticane of devastating yang.

    For an example of only yin. I was out and about on the prowl in night clubs at Prague, horrible place, drugs and prostitutes everywhere, my boxer briefs were my wallet, I kept my coins with my jewels, but the vodka was cheap. I see a guy get punched in the face further up ahead on the sidewalk by a chubby testosterone bully walking with some friends and their skanks. I switched sides of the road. Later as I were passing him by he starts going over the road and says "Hey" then something in his language I can't understand, at this point I was allready jogging, because I knew he was in no condition to chase me. I've done this on multiple occasions, works well with fat bullys, an additional bonus is if you go to the best club and describe them to the bouncer, then tip them for not letting the bully in. It is just so awesome to be having fun with the ladies knowing that the big bad bully is out in the cold not getting any.

    Another example, I worked as a bouncer/bartender briefly. If a guy is really drunk and asks for bear we just give them light beer, I don't know if this is common in the business, but we pulled a lot of ruses like this. It creates less conflict than denying them serving. Another trick was to tell them "hey, come here a little, I need to tell you something" winking a little if it is a girl. Or act as if you have a really cool secret if it is a guy. Then have them follow you out and be like "You should go for a walk, you're too drunk" then go back inside, the bouncers at the door doesn't let them back in again.

    So this is very yin. But you come to a certain point were you just have to take them out, when that comes you must know that that is what you're going to do. And it isn't any clear rules on when to do this, for me personally, if somebody is finger-pointing at me threateningly, I know it is highly likely that they are feeling that urge to punch.

    For self defence I'm all about attack. In real fight I've been in, if we count the ones from I was thirteen, it was probably 6 times. Most of them were not surprisingly in the time of puberty, but we had a bad enviroment at the school, we were the school in the country were the most students quit before graduating. We had this thing called Russ-festival, wich is a graduation ritual here, and the seniors that are russ will bully the juniors, so I pissed on their car and got blacklisted. I had two serious conflicts with them. The I had one bully who picked on me for about a year who I took out. Then there was this crazy kid, probably had ADHD who I tried to avoid as much as possible, but eventually I was trapped together with him and he pushed it to far. Then I had one in the start of school, basicly it just felt like a fight I had to take or I would be a constant target, because in the start of school everyone wants to find out where everyone is on the pecking order.

    From these fights I would have to say I've done some messy stuff. I pretty much won because I was in better shape, had better technique, had gotten used to being punched and had more ideas about what to do. One time I just did a jab and the fight was over. Another time I there was this crazy russ girl who just bashed her watergun in my my left temple and I knew from martial arts that it really is a bad spot to get hit, so I thought it was time to do something and gave her a little elbow, then she ran away with the rest of them. Later I discovered that I was bleeding like a river down my left cheek and that was why they ran away.

    Coming to think of it, everyone except the unpredictable boy, didn't really want to fight when they realised that this would actually be a fight and it would hurt. But the unpredictable boy was different, he was a special case and went on to sit several times in prison, fight regularly at home parties and just be someone you watch your back when you're around. What I experienced with him was what I would call a real self-defence situation. The reason he came at me was because he didn't like the way I walked, he wanted me to look down in the ground and slouch whenever he was around. So he went behind me and put one arm around my throat and started telling me how he was the meanest and baddest, so it was way past the point where you can even question if its go time. In fact I have often regretted that I didn't do anything sooner.

    The first thing I did was to get out of the neckhold, then I just did all attack, no mercy. Palm thrusts to under the nose, fingerjabs to the eyes, groin kick, kick to the chins. downward knuckles to the bone underneath the eyes, pinching anything of him I could get a hold on. It was just a mess. I went behind him and lifted him up from behind and slammed is back on the ground. Then I just backed out yelling at everyone to stay the hell away from me and took the first bus home. And the years after was very nerve racking because I always had to look behind my back, one time he actually followed me and I hid in a solarium.

    The one thing I went out of that experience learning was how effective pinching and knifehand chopping can be. Especially pinching I had not expected to be so effective.
  4. Gnarlie

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    Hmm, I sort of view this the other way around; yang and then yin, but with a slightly different frame of reference than that which you describe, NBSF.

    The earliest and easiest strategies, tactics and techniques to learn are Kang / Yang - striking and offensive motions, and throwing power into a motion. The much more difficult strategies, tactics and techniques to learn are Um / Yu - those where the practicality and value comes later in the learning process - like effective talk, blocking, deception, disorientation, blending, footwork, joint and bodyweight manipulation and correct use of gravity as an assistant.

    Both have their place on the never ending path.
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    From the hands up position, I.e. Don' t hurt me/ calm down. I find a straight hammer first to the bridge of th nose maybe two followed by a low kick works well. Not for damage but just to give me space to move away and escape, if I manage to break the nose then it breaks.

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