What rank should I enter a tournament as?

Discussion in 'Taekwondo Sparring' started by Todd Moser, Apr 24, 2018.

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    Hello. I got to 2nd Dan black belt was I was a kid (17 years old when I earned it I believe) and now I am 42. I stopped practicing between the ages of about 17 or 18 and now, so I am waaay out of practice. This was in ITF style.

    My son and wanted to start doing Tae Kwon Do and we joined a Kukkiwon style. I talked to the Master Instructor and chose to start over from White belt. Not only because I saw a lot of differences between the 2, especially sparring and poomse, but also because I felt I was not worthy of a black belt after being stagnant for 20+ years. But primarily because I thought it would be more fun to advance alongside my son.

    We are both Green belts now and he wants to start competing in tournaments under WT rules. I would like to as well. My question, and I'm looking for opinions, am I sandbagging if I enter a a green belt? In classes I might be a tad sharper then the other green belts, a lot of my past training is coming back to me, but I am in no way in Black belt form right now. Do I enter as a black belt regardless, and just take the losses and have fun with it, or am I justified in entering as a Green belt?
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    As far as I am concerned, you are ranked as a black belt then you compete as one, especially at open tournaments. If it is a Kukkiwon tournament then you compete as a green belt. I trained to brown belt in Kuk Sool Won but I have 3rd dahn rank in Kuk Sool/Hapkido. Open tournaments, I am a third dahn competitor but at WKSA events, I am a dahn bo (brown belt w/2+ black stripes).
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    Green belt for WT rules. The two sparring styles have little enough in common and your break was so long that it won't matter.

    Try not to let old habits lead you in a direction that will get points deducted. It's worth reading up on the rules in full before participating.

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  5. Pleonasm

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    The ITF sport back when you trained was very kick oriented. Green belt sounds humble:)

    Tell us how it went.

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