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  1. Finlay

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    So another slow week at work started, i thought it might be fun to put up stories of funny/stupid thing you or other have seen heard or done over your years of training.

    for example.

    we were doing races as a warm up, run to the the to of the do jang tough the wall and run back etc. everything was going fine until one larger member of the club thought he was running at a concrete wall and out his hands out to stop himself. It turned out to be plaster board, his arms disappeared up to the elbows. need less t say that was the end of the races

    After returning from one competition where i had taken part in the break event, on of my teachers asked me what i could break. I told him that i had brokne 2 boards with a punch (this was the day after the event) so keen ws i to prove that i could the break. i threw 2 boards up on the holder and hit them. Well the boards didn't break, but my knuckles did. took me alot of ice and a bit of time before i could open my hand. Got quite a talking to from our head instructor about that one
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  2. Chris J

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    We had a warm up in class one night with a little indoor soccer, great for raising the heart rate. The game went well and after 10 mins I called to stop the game. I turned to head toward the front of the class and not raising my foot high enough to step, my big toe gripped the polished floor and i bore all my weight on the first knucke of my toe as it folded under my foot. I thought to myself "why did we stop, everything was going fine" My toe turned black within hours, with a fracture. My students, (now 1st Dans) still remind me now and then, 4 years later.
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  3. bowlie

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    I smashed my knee up pretty bad doing tornado kicks with someone about 6'4" holding the pad. It got a bit competitive, so I kept asking him to hold the pad higher and higher for shits and giggles. Over reached, lost my balance on the turn, whipped my leg round and straight down into the floor.
  4. UK-Student

    UK-Student Active Member

    The one time I said, Oh, I forgot my mouth guard but it will probably be ok......and chipped a tooth.

    Message understood, martial gods, message understood.
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  5. Bochica

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    That moment in warm up whilst doing leg raises, the instructor says come on you call all go higher that that.....
    Then you lose your footing and end up staring at the ceiling...

    If there was a grading for it I'd be a master already !
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  6. Mark 42

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    My son and I were next to each other in different lines kicking pads.
    We both kicked high (probably axe kick) and both simultaneously landed
    flat on our backs. I looked over at the instructor and said "I taught him that move!"

    My son and I were about to spar each other. I saw that his belt was untied, and heard
    the instructor say "Ready". I pointed at his untied belt, said "your belt is untied".
    He and the black belt that was our referee both looked down at his untied belt.
    The instructor said "GO!", so I planted a roundhouse in his chest protector.
    All of the parents watching from the folding chairs started laughing really hard.

    Age and treachery ;)

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