What to do with old belts?

Discussion in 'General Taekwondo Discussions' started by Xaeyr, Oct 24, 2017.

  1. Xaeyr

    Xaeyr New Member

    Hi all. So far I’ve progressed to orange belt and I’m trying to decide what to do with my belts earned other than stick them in a drawer. Do any of you display your belts at home? If so, how did you go about it?

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  3. Mario Ray Mahardhika

    Mario Ray Mahardhika Active Member

    Just keep it, you can pass it down to your students someday.
  4. GB-UK

    GB-UK New Member

    You could get something like this:

  5. Shawchert

    Shawchert New Member

    I am getting a belt display for my son, I don't know about me though, I might make a collage or something from my old taekwondo stuff, though I don't have my old uniform I used to where when I first started.
  6. Evildwarf

    Evildwarf Member

    My daughter has a single belt display that her brother made for her out of finished hardwood. She displays whatever her last belt was as she works towards black belt.
    I have not saved any of my belts as I do not tend to value physical things which I am finished with in life...(character flaw I suppose).
    The belt itself is a symbol of achievement but a symbol only...if you value the symbolism of the belt then save it. I value the experience and discount the symbols so I don't save things like that.
    The multiple belt displays can be a very powerful statement of achievement and longevity.
  7. LordNeil

    LordNeil New Member

    I have my belts from day one, but in storage. I am currently 4 degree ITF TKD. Day 1 was 28 years ago.

    My wife has been training 4 years and is almost ready to take her first degree. She has all her belts in a display rack, alolng with her “motivation” [emoji16][​IMG]

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  8. Shawchert

    Shawchert New Member

    Nice, I am getting my son a belt display! He is still a white belt but he will be grading in January, I don't know when I'm grading, I have my old belts still though, sadly my old school just put tape around my belts, so for a yellow stripe we had yellow tape, so I only have white yellow and green belts D:
  9. -Yi

    -Yi New Member

    That's pretty interesting! In my dojang, we don't keep the belts. We always pass them to a lower ranked student. (we don't buy belts at all.) But if we did keep them, those belt displays look great! Good luck on your son's grading!
  10. Shawchert

    Shawchert New Member

    That is also a great idea -Yi probably keeps the cost of gradings and tuition down if you don't have to buy belts!! and thanks, I learned I was grading in January as well (brushes up on her terminology)

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