What workouts do you do to support your TKD habit?

Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by John Hulslander, May 11, 2012.

  1. OD82

    OD82 New Member

    I just joined the forum today...
    I jog finishing with sprints...weight training, skipping, pushups, and stretches with each workout.
    Recently started Insanity - a high intensity DVD workout program...to help with reducing weight, build stamina and explosive power.
  2. Adley456

    Adley456 New Member

    I mostly do cardio exercise in my daily routine.
    My daily workout consists on:
    Push ups: 25,
    Pull ups: 25,
    Sits ups: 50,
    Jogging for 20 minutes,
    and Cycling for 15 minutes.
  3. Karen tkd

    Karen tkd New Member

    I do 3-4 hrs of TKD sessions a week, plus one session of Pilates for my core as I have an old back injury from my running days, then weight training 3-4 times a week,concentrating on a different muscle group each time, plus cardio 4 times a week which is 30-60 mins of intervals depending on how much time I have. Still overweight though!
  4. Bob McDowell

    Bob McDowell New Member

    I teach class 5 times a week. I have a lot of young people so that in itself is a great workout! When you teach you cant just stand there you need to show, so it keeps me in shape. Im going to be 55 years old this fall and Im in better shape then when I turned 25! Doing your forms is a super workout, it uses all your muscles and gives a great cardio workout. So-San has 72 movements, do that 3 times in a row at various speeds, that will help you sleep at night lol! I want to start running if it ever warms up here in Iowa. My sons and I are going to Alaska this summer for vacation and The Great Alaska TKD Challenge and I have decided to compete so I need to get in a little better shape. TKD training is different for everyone depending on there current fitness level, but no matter what you do its better then doing nothing at all!
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  5. Anybody

    Anybody New Member

    Wendler 5-3-1 program (squat, deadlift, press, bench press) for strength. I try to run a couple times a week, generally 1.5 to 2 miles. One or two crossfit or crossfit football exercises per week (free websites).
  6. Sam86

    Sam86 New Member

    I walk to my local gym, the 15min walk is a nice warm up then I will properly warm up by pushing some weights and either going on the rowing machine or bike, then I will spend the next 2 hours with a punchbag. But first I will do some really big slow stretches and REALLY warm up. I practice punching the bag in 3 styles, 1 - as if I was sparring semi-contact, emphasis on speed and accuracy, 2 - up close and work on body shots, 3 - single strikes as if I was breaking a board, one strike every 10 seconds for however long. Then comes the most fun part - practicing ALL the kicks I know and trying ones I never officially learned but have self-taught myself, I can't do a 540 and haven't really given it much effort but I can stand on one leg and kick 110 times off the same foot into the bag at a 90 degree angle so T-boning the bag. Obviously I mix and match what I practice and what I train, I practice elbows and knees too for extra flexability. I have no idea how others work out but I do this for 2-3h about 3x a week so get around 6-9h training a week a mixture of upper body and leg weights, resistance cardio then me and the 270lb bag which I can only knock over with 2 kicks, a running jump kick and a side kick. Only 20% of my strikes are full force, I make sure I have my intended target and I have hit it lighter and higher many times with the correct technique before going for a 100% power rear-leg roundhouse. When I have the extra space I sometimes practice and check my stances and basic blocks and spinning back kicks. All of the above - my no.1 reason is to have good cardio health, I have CF and my lungs aren't as healthy as a normal persons and I get out of breath quite quick, but that is balanced with strength and explosive power. It's all a work-in-progress to stay healthy really, but about that Black belt, I will find a suitable Dojang and train to get it whilst I'm still relatively healthy enough to do it. The last thing... a good stretch - I can't get enough of having a huge stretch before and after my workouts :)
  7. Pledge

    Pledge New Member

    I do some cardio workout and also yoga workout support my TKD training.
    I think yoga is more effective for this purpose because it play an important role to improve the body balances and body strength.
  8. Humberto toval

    Humberto toval New Member

    I do full body workouts Mondays and Fridays using a TRX or other suspension training combined with elastic bands and progressive calisthenics (pull ups, handstand presses, dragon flag, etc. This type of strength training has given me better results to improve Taekwondo performance than regular weight training at the gym. On Monday, wendsday and saturday i attend to the TKD class at the Dojang. From Tuesday to Saturday i practice all my forms, individual moves and punching bag drills that might improve my sparing performance for 1 to 2 hours.
  9. I do Zumba on a Monday, kettlebells followed by tkd on a Tuesday, tkd on Thursdays and sundays. I also cycle 6 miles a day for work as well as going off road cycling about once a month usually about 25 miles.

  10. bowlie

    bowlie Well-Known Member

    Weight training and running. And cycling to work, but thats not really for taekwondo. Trying to incorporate more hill sprints but finding the time is hard now i have uni and a job and many hours travelling to do.
  11. michael mckenna

    michael mckenna Active Member

    my workout is

    in the morning is

    warm ups like star jumps
    some stretching
    30 minute jog
    stretch again then in the afternoon i do

    25 push ups
    25 tricep push ups
    25 pull ups and chin ups
    50 squats
    50 squat thrusts
    50 sit ups
    20 clam shells
    a few exercises i dont remember the name of
    a plyo routine
    then do some warm down exercises
    in the evening i use to hit a punch bag that would swing back and come forward again it was everlast i think but i broke that for kicking it too hard the bottom burst and it deflated it had a metal pole inside it and would hurt my feet sometimes
    broke it within 3 days. didnt get my money back

    and then i do my patterns routine and if my friend is around who also does taekwondo at a different club we do some sparring, throwing techniques, self defense, some pad work, partner stretching........................ then fall down roll over in a ball into the fetal position and do it again two days after.

    so all in all about 6 hours training. and thats not including when i go to class which i cant go to right now as my python bit me on my forearm recently so have to take a few weeks off. oh and i also use sand to toughen my hands and use a makiwara, and strike my forearms off a tree on my rest days. i may add some weights in my routine as im trying to lose more weight i feel abit of a chunky monkey in my uniform lol
  12. Finlay

    Finlay Active Member

    kettlebells 3 times a week, walking the dog twice a day, krav maga and arnis. my girlfriend wants to start taking yoga so i may pop along with her
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  13. bowlie

    bowlie Well-Known Member

    I hope you have at least a day off from ythat a week? preferably two. Your body adapts to stress while it rests. Working out makes you temporarialy weaker, then when you rest your body overcompensates and becomes stronger. If you never rest, all you dois gradually get weaker. If your putting in all that work you need to see the results. Have one day where you do nothing.
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  14. Melissa

    Melissa New Member

    I do TKD three or four times a week, lean muscle building through light weights, and cardio with ten to sixteen mile bike rides. However, last week the instructor was helping me extend my splits and stretches, however, when I told him to stop he didn't--very common in South Korea, he was just doing his job. But, now I can't even kick with out extra titanic pain in my left adductors and or tendons in the hip region.

    What exercises would any of you recommend to build it back up? I am doing really light stretching and trying to keep other muscles strong while my leg recovers. There was no bruising, so I think it was a minor tear, not a full blown rip.
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  15. michael mckenna

    michael mckenna Active Member

    ive already stated i have rest days mate
  16. bowlie

    bowlie Well-Known Member

    Good good, must have missed that :p
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  17. bowlie

    bowlie Well-Known Member

    Rest. Always rest first and let the muscle recover. When there is no pain exercise it mightly making sure there is still no pain. If it hurts go lighter.

    Bodyweight squats might be a good exercise?
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  18. michael mckenna

    michael mckenna Active Member

  19. Gongon

    Gongon New Member

    TKD lessons twice per week, Street self defence class once a week (same school).
    Free weights three times a week, (5 mins skipping for warm up, stretch between exercises,)
    Jogging/spin bike for 30 mins when not weight training.
    Spin bike boring as hell but mountain bike in bits, will use that instead when fixed (just sold treadmill - good workout using the programmes but felt like I was losing the will to live - so boring.)
    Jogging/running usually on hills (all off road)
    Stretching six days per week (leg stretcher plus "freestyle" stretching)
    Meditation most nights.
    Patterns (all) most days.
    TKD technique training (punching and kicking) on 4' punch bag.
    Gym ring training (pull ups.)
    One day per week no training except maybe gentle stretch or slow pattern.
    Not a strict TKD regime but started to ward off the effects of arthritis (TKD came later)
    I am ware of the effects of over training and I am old enough to know when to take an extra day or two off without the guilt. (seem to need to do this every 6 weeks or so when I feel fatigued or run down)
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  20. Hannu

    Hannu New Member

    Weight training and archery, which is more mental workout altough 70# need some muscle too.

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