What's Your Best Sparring Technique?

Discussion in 'Taekwondo Sparring' started by Kevin, May 4, 2012.

  1. Kevin

    Kevin Administrator Staff Member

    Everyone has their own style and most students have a technique that they use more than others. For example, one of the 4th dans at my school has a killer axe kick. He seems to throw it super slow and yet it always lands. It's so difficult to stop.

    By far my best technique is my front sidekick. From an orthodox stance (i.e. left foot forward) I'll throw it with my left leg.

    It's probably not the best kick to look at it but it has a lot of power and is very quick. I don't really need to think about throwing, it just comes instinctively. I rely on it a lot in sparring. Whenever someone rushes at me or tries to get close to box I'll throw it and it nearly always catches them. I usually catch them in the ribs but at the very least it pushes the opponent away.

    I've been training WTF. Most people there spar more side on...i.e. less of a boxing/thai stance. This makes hitting people with my sidekick much more difficult though I've caught a few people with it a few times so once I start to adapt I'm sure I'll land it more. Due to them standing so side on, it's only really been effective at pushing others away.

    What's your best sparring technique? Do you have a technique that you use all the time, one that frustrates your training partners?

  2. Luke

    Luke New Member

    Good question Kevin. This really made me think. Ive always tended to have a good front kick which I use to counter a 45 kick. If it lands it puts them off balance and would usually put them on the deck. Im trying to atapt more spin 45 into my sparring and ive always had a good hook kick which is quite deceptive. Still, Im training hard to incorporate different techniques which hopefully will become instinctive one day.
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  3. Gazzer

    Gazzer Active Member

    Hard to have a "Technique" when you have to change from person to person..... I like back kick tho :p but I noticed push kick seems to be needed a lot, but I only spar with mostly coloured belts seen as Im only 6th gup (5th gup tomorrow :) )
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  4. dojo

    dojo Member

    For me it really depends on the situation. I am mainly a kicker (am tall enough to use this in my advantage) and most of the time it's a roundhouse kick that gets the job done. I need to work on my hand technique though, I have weak arms and my technique is also lacking. If you can go pass my kicks, then I'm finished
  5. lynM

    lynM Member

    My favorite has been a hook/reverse hook. I just love the feel of working with that kick. A good ole turning kick (I think that is the one others call roundhouse) is sweet and simple and fast. I also liked to practice a straight(axe) kick over the shoulder and stop midway down and make it a turning kick to the chest. When I was sparring with the adults, who wanted to get in close to box, I was pretty sneaky in getting my leg chambered up tight and slip in a side-kick or back-kick to the ribs.

    I can't do that with the kickboxers tho - they drop that shoulder and block it and already are aiming a punch. BUT, they almost never see a spinning back kick coming their way. (At least the guys in the morning kickboxing class.... the instuctor is killer and stops everything tho...LOL)
  6. lynM

    lynM Member

    I also was slim on the hand techniques when practicing TKD. I felt so short and useless trying to punch. A backfist was the best I had to use. I am learning so much more about the power as I learn to kickbox. It's just weird still because I still want to stand sideways to spar (for kicking) and you can't punch effectively with boxing technique that way.
  7. dojo

    dojo Member

    Yeah, if you can master these two, your opponent will be in a world of pain :D

    I need to work on my arm strength. I am VERY weak when it comes to my arms and this should be my main focus. I also did some bag punching and was shocked to see how weak my punch is. I shouldn't use my arms, since they'd caress more than hurt. As long as you already have a decent punching strength, using the arm technique can really open up new ways to control the sparring.
  8. WSMA

    WSMA New Member

    I mostly used back kick or jump back kick for counter attack it work very well.
  9. Chris J

    Chris J Active Member

    My absolute favourite is a front leg hooking heel kick, it counters most advancing attacks, with a round high attack that disrupts the opponents advancing momentum and can also be cut short and converted into a mid side kick.
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  10. Brian

    Brian Member

    I generally don't have a best move - I think I have good reflexes and usually block 2/3rds of what's thrown at me and can adjust from there to do a countermove. I've got classmates who have killer spin kicks and one guy who has a twist kick that goes from one side of your body to another...bear to counter, 'cause he's smart enough to mix it up enough that you can't be sure if it's a regular round or going to the other side. Did I mention he can kick this over my head?
  11. Kevin

    Kevin Administrator Staff Member

    Some great suggestions here. I very rarely do reverse techniques when sparring because I'm not that quick with them. I'm going to make a concious effort to practice my reverse turning and back kick as it adds so much to your game.
  12. Master Fahy

    Master Fahy Active Member

    I use punching techniques when my opponent uses kicking techniques and kicking techniques when they punch. I evade them without blocking as I teach my students to only block what they need to. But I do favor the reverse side kick or back kick because it is one the the strongest kicks and the least likely to block.
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  13. Joe

    Joe Member

    My best technique starts from a spin. After that at any point I can can a shot, whether it be a tornado kick, to a back kick, to a 360 hook kick. As long as I spin the shot is relatively hard to read. If that fails, I use speed and angles, to land. I rarely stand around. I am like a hperactive child on fizz, bouncing all over the place. Mainly because it is too hard to keep track of.
  14. Todd Pomeroy

    Todd Pomeroy New Member

    Spinning or jumping spinning back kick. It's my go to technique. The last tournament I was in (after a 15 year hiatus) all 3 of my matches went to "next point wins" over time. In all three matches I quickly switched stance and through a spinning back kick and scored all three times. I think that it is very important to be well rounded, quick on your feet and calm when you spar, but it also helps to a have a technique that you have practiced a lot and know your good at to rely on when you need it most.
  15. lynM

    lynM Member

    It took me a while to get used to hitting the bag. I feel like I've grown much stronger. But still sparring with a live person (which we haven't done in a while) it seems inefffective to me. (They tell me I am not so bad.) And I still want to hit from the same side like in TKD instead of twisting the hip to come across and bring the power. But I have an added disadvantage of a old neck injury that gets easily aggrevated ... no power after that. I miss sparring because it would give me a hint on what techniques I need to practice more on.
  16. Ted Martin

    Ted Martin Member

    I spend hours on doubles and triples and jumping back kick but they became predictable (and I tended to telegraph) so I when back to basics and started practicing front leg and back leg round house. I concentrated on fast take offs (with no telegraphing) and all my kicks improved....Now if you where to ask me, I think my step in round house is my favorite kick. Once you fast enough with this kick you can land a point at any distance in the ring. In fact the farther away from your opponent the better...looks cool too!!
  17. lynM

    lynM Member

    That reminds me of this one time, and I am sure it wasn't intentional, my son did a front kick and ended up tagging me in the back of the head.... He is 9+ inches taller than me. The "brat" would also (when sparring the kids) push off a wall and leap over their shoulder to land behind them. Not often, but still.... the show off....
  18. My best sparring technique is the jump turning side kick. I spar with a southpaw stance and fire it quickly with my left leg. It is extremely effective against aggressive opponents, and is a great counter strike.
  19. Brian

    Brian Member

    Oh, to be that limber. ;)
  20. MichalKosatko

    MichalKosatko New Member

    Reverse kicks are fine for me..

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