What's your favorite TKD pattern?

Discussion in 'Taekwondo Patterns' started by dojo, Apr 21, 2012.

  1. Gnarlie

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    If it were not a 'good' form, I wouldn't have practiced it for 12 years. I would argue that of all the patterns including the ITF forms, Keumgang is one that communicates some very key messages about the essence of Taekwondo, both in the physical and philosophical senses. To say that is not very good is to say that Taekwondo is not very good. I'm sure that's (hopefully) not what you're saying, so you might consider restating your position.
  2. Matt

    Matt Member

    I'm not saying the pattern is beneath me, because I to am expected to perform every pattern I know to the best of my ability. Meaning all my color belt patterns, chon ji, dan gun, up to my black belt patters, my highest is ko dan, and then all my weapon patterns. But I originally said I didn't like Keumgang due to its "weakness" competitively. I never said I didn't really like the pattern. It is a sight to see a "basic" pattern done by a master, but that was never my point.
  3. Matt

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    I would say that is not true. Keumgang doesn't communicate the essence of Taekwondo the most. But thats your own opinion, like I have mine. And i'm not saying TKD is bad, I mean I have been a practitioner for over a decade, and I think I'm allowed to have my own views.
  4. Gnarlie

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    I didn't say it did. I said it communicates some very key messages.

    Yes, you are entitled to your views but you can't really expect to come onto a public discussion forum, state subjective opinion without justification, and not be challenged to justify your position. Especially where that subjective opinion is controversial or inflammatory.

    I'm ready justify everything I've said here with factual evidence. Can you do the same with a subjective measure of whether a form is 'good' or not?
  5. Chris J

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    A discussion with my first instructor, would put most comparison of ALL patterns to rest. Please remember this is a forum on your favourite pattern, not which ones you think are better and why. The discussion based around different styles including Karate and Kung fu and their patterns, forms and kata. In essence we agreed it didn't matter what the pattern is or how well you know it, if you are judging a pattern competition with karate and TKD side by side, and you can see one competitor is unbalanced or uses jerky movement that don't seem to flow together, as Martial artists these can be detected. It would be easy to see which one knows what they're doing and which doesn't.

    My all time favourite is kwang ge
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  6. Finlay

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    I have had this dicussion about which forms are better, it is like the techniacal version of which art is the best.

    I guess it depends what you are looking for someone who likes hard TKD froms like juche may hate Taiji forms.

    Personaly I like all tradtional forms, I really hate the new forms that are perfromed by the likes of Chloe Bruce, to me it amount to waving your arms about then sticking your leg in the air.

    No matter what you are watching the practioner should look like they know what they are doing,
  7. Manus

    Manus New Member

    I like also Hansu but My favorite has to be sipjin!
  8. Manus

    Manus New Member

    I like also Hansu but My favorite has to be sipjin!
  9. Manus

    Manus New Member

    I like also Hansu but My favorite has to be sipjin!
  10. Manus

    Manus New Member

    I like also Hansu but My favorite has to be sipjin!

  11. Pleonasm

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  12. tommypress

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    I mostly enjoy Hwa-Rang and Juche.
  13. Pleonasm

    Pleonasm Active Member

    I think all Chang Hon patterns are great! I appreciate the technical difficulties of the Dan tuls, and that they are still not completely overboard with the kicking, unlike some of the more modern TKD kicks such as the scissor kick - Which is both aestethically and pratically garbage IMO.
  14. Matt

    Matt Member

    I just learned Moon Moo and I have found a new love for that pattern.

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