What's your most embaressing story related to TKD?

Discussion in 'General Taekwondo Discussions' started by dojo, Apr 24, 2012.

  1. dojo

    dojo Member

    We all have our stories that didn't really go well. From getting our pants ripped off during a high kick to kicking someone in the groin area, falling on your nose, anything can and probably has happened. So, what's your story?
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  2. Dean

    Dean New Member

    Sooooo many! :D
    - Falling flat on my but whilst demonstrating crescent kicks to juniors (They found it quite amusing):(
    - Getting kick right in the groin whilst in a high turning kick position then having to be picked up by an ambulance!:eek:
    - Being proved wrong by a junior belt child (after insisting I was right then suggesting we ask our instructor together):oops:- Confusing my left from my right during a demonstration:confused:
    - Introducing myself by the wrong name when meeting people at the Karate club I temporarily trained ato_O

    Everyone makes mistakes :p
  3. Kevin

    Kevin Administrator Staff Member

    Getting kicked in the groin area is certainly something I wouldn't call embarrassing. Painful -YES! A few years ago I got a terrible kick to the groin and I struggled to walk for about 30 minutes. I was against the wall so to away from being backed up I tried a flying sidekick. At the same time my training partner did a sidekick and it what would have landed on my chest landed on my...well you know ;)
  4. Chasm

    Chasm New Member

    Several! but the most embarrassing one would be the time that my trousers split, I thought I was safe, but forgot that the wall behind me had a mirror on it........ :oops: I did the rest of the class with someones T shirt wrapped around my "Waist"
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  5. Kevin

    Kevin Administrator Staff Member

    Haha. There's nothing you can do in that situation but laugh it off :)

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  6. dojo

    dojo Member

    Well, looks like the hits in the groin happen often. I recall such an embarrassing moment myself. Only that I wasn't at the receiving end of it, but my partner. Who was a really cool guy and we even dated for like one week. fortunately for him it was a very 'light' kick, so he was more embarrassed with the situation than suffering from a severe pain. I was red though, not so cool getting your partner on his knees like this :D
  7. Jon Sloan

    Jon Sloan Member

    Competing in a weapons form event, and forgetting my form half-way through. Standing there, oh, so heroic-looking :) and forgetting where I was supposed to go or what to do next. Fortunately the judges were quite gracious and let me start over. I got a 4th place, and an important lesson was learned.
  8. Andrew

    Andrew New Member

    haha.. my most embarrassing moment, ref call me return to position but I was too focus and ignore.. everyone laughing at me =P

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  9. MitchG

    MitchG Member

    My Black Belt test was an incredible day, but getting there was an ordeal I would love to forget. I was supposed to fly home from New Orleans to Toronto the afternoon before, but my flight was cancelled, and the delays the day of the test were ridiculous. I walked into the dojang (after abandoning my luggage at the airport, putting my wife in the passenger seat, and driving an average speed of 150km/h) as the belt ceremony was taking place, but no matter... I changed and waited at the back of the room and waited until it was over. When the GrandMaster told me that I could test, I had nearly no time to meditate and stretch... and because I was testing alone it was beginning to end with no break - 30 minutes of eight poomsaes, one-step self-defense, and two 3-minute sparring matches (unprotected) with two separate 2nd Dan Black Belts, both much younger and better rested than I was.

    So when it came to the last task - I had to break a slab of concrete - I was done... I hadn't prepared for it and that was my fault. I broke something alright... my hand. However I took it in stride, and when the GM replaced the (obviously old and dry) slab of cement with six blocks of wood, I broke through them (broken hand and all) like butter.

    Unfortunately my own personal belt ceremony entailed 25 Blak Belts - two GrandMasters, five Masters, and a slew of isntructors - lining up to shake my hand and punch me in my shoulder. The punches were nothing, but every handshake was an agonizing ordeal because none of them realized what I had done! Instead of smiling I was nearly shrieking in pain!
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  10. alan thompson

    alan thompson Member

    Sorry but it wasnt my story but in the dojang we were all doing stretching and there was complete quietness.That was until a boy about 12 farted and it echoed round the hall.After two seconds everybody in the dojang were rolling about laughing and the poor boys face was as red as his belt.Note to self ...always have tight bum cheeks LOL
  11. lorraine

    lorraine Member

    Lots of embarrasing moments some too embarrasing to tell anyone! Farting seems to be a regular occurance during the stretching and sit ups in particular ! We all try to ignore it . I have gone blank performing poomsae during a demo once when i was a green tag . I was the only adult in the demo at the time and i knew alot of the mums and dads there watching their kids so instead of just standing there i improvised and made the whole lot up ! The audience did'nt have a clue lol!I would'nt have got away with it had i not been on my own.
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  12. Doug Johnson

    Doug Johnson New Member

    I was teaching Taekwondo at a local community college about a decade ago when this happened. It was the first class of the semester and it was then (and still is) my policy to go through a short version of what will be instructed for the semester. That way if students don't like it they will get a look and be able to get their money back and sign up for something else. The concerned student was an eager 19 year old woman who was one of those honest types whose every thought immediately was expressed. So, when the class was over I asked the usual question "Does anyone have any questions"? The conversation went something like this;

    Her- Are you seeing anybody?
    Me- I have been married for 15 years.
    Her- OK, well do you just want to have sex with me then?

    Me- Uuummmm No, thanks.

    I really would have like to have seen the look on my face. I am rarely caught short of something to say but I really didn't have any more to say at the time.

    That year she was the student who attended the most classes and would appear early at class or walk in to the change room to ask if I wanted a 'quickie' before class started every week.

    The worst part was she sent to me from a friend's class where he teaches Juijitsu. Best practical joke ever!

    This is the most memorable but some of the runners-up include stepping on my assistants right breast while explaining an arm lock and take-down having my scrotum grabbed by a female master at a sparring class. The fun never quits when teaching...

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  13. LV77

    LV77 New Member

    My very first night of TKD class and we were stretching when I had an extremely loud fart sneak out.
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  14. Tooley

    Tooley New Member

    I agree, split my pants at the start of class while doing jump switch stances. Worse thing was I was also in the 1st front row of class..... Thankfully, the tearing was loud enough for Sir & the whole class to hear & I was able to finish the warm up at the rear of class.... funny as now, not then but....lol
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  15. Brian

    Brian Member

    One that stands out but ended well:

    I had a new guy just starting class as my partner. We were practicing axe kicks on the pads. This was before my blown out knee, so when this guy - who had never worked with me before - set up a little high for me, I figured what the Hell and went for it.

    We all remember those Charlie Brown cartoons, right? Where Lucy jerks the ball away?


    Pulled myself off my feet, landed badly, turned it into a semi-graceful back roll and got up. Ended up straining a tendon in the hand that landed first and took the weight.

    So I was being stared at by much of the class for this Peanuts reenactment. Thankfully, our instructor had kicked on some music as background, so I just shook my head and said "I was so shocked he was playing Evanescence I passed out."

    Honest to God, we had to stop class for a minute as one of the black belts couldn't stop laughing.
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  16. Tc Liming

    Tc Liming New Member

    Advance belt camp was a goof for me this summer. Our belt advancement class is a two day event where you can pay a little extra to advance to your next rank about 3 weeks before your next regular testing phase. so if your a yellow belt for say, you can pay the X amount to be tested early for your next ranking, plus learn your next half or being half of your next belt (My dojang uses a split belt system) Anyways. I was working on my full form ( Taegeuk 5) and helping out with other students of lesser rank who for Budda only knows why some of these people show up to these things not prepaird. plus learning the first half of my next Taegeuk. well when it came time to do my form I totally wrecked! mixed up 4 and 5 durning the first half, knew it, and had to redo the hole form over again with out being able to explain why I fouled up the form. For me it was quit embarresing because I do extreamly well at the dojang and a lot of my fellow students look up to me, I guess I showed them that even if you screw up a test you can still make it through as long as you laugh about it and do it right the second chance around.
  17. TKDleeds

    TKDleeds New Member

    I once visited a ITF School in England & a junior black belt walked in wearing a International Instructor's uniform on ie black piping on his trousers & down the side of the arms - I look and asked how come your wearing this uniform, he just shugged his shoulders and said that's what my mother got for me - his mother who was behind stepped for and proceeded to repremard me!
    saying who was I to question her child? I attmepted to answer her when she came out with a mouthful of abuse ! all this took place in the middle of the Do Jang - she then turned around and marched out of the Do Jang - the school instructor very quick stepped in and said our school wear different uniforms here and apologised for her behaviour! I did advise him to have words with her & how dare she come into the do jang & speak a senior master in this manner ie with abusive language specially in front of a TaeKwon-Do class present & with childen present in the class!

    I would have taken it further, but had to leave immdiately after - but not a good situation to be in.
  18. Rcoskrey

    Rcoskrey New Member

    Back when I was a higher rank than yellow belt. I was testing for my blue stripe. At some point during my pattern, I broke wind.
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  19. Themsah305

    Themsah305 New Member

    The other night while sparring I threw an inner crescent kick to the head of my opponent, before it could connect I fell flat on my face to the mat. My standing leg slipped on some sweat on the floor. The entire class was watching :confused:
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  20. dantalion

    dantalion Member

    Helping out at a kup grading a few weeks ago the blue belt candidate had to spar against myself and another second dan. Half way through the bout I lost the plot and attacked the other black belt. I could try the excuse that I wasn't wearing my glasses and was fighting off a cold but I won't insult anyone's intelligence! I don't know how I got away without a sarcastic comment from our Master.

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