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    We as parents do are best to protect our children. This may end up as a bit of an epic, so please hang in there.

    In our house we have three boys two teenagers, and one 8 year old (normally accompanied by one or two friends) so the noise in the house can reach (at times) high levels. One of those times where the house is quiet (ish) the last things you expect is to hear, is a blood curdling scream.

    I will go back a few weeks. My middle son now 14 had been complaining that his knee hurt, so I make the appointment and take him to the doctor, who poked and prodded him, his diagnoses was that he was in a growth spurt, and that is was both his knee joint and the surrounding muscles that were under a lot of stress, the best thing would be some exercise and support of the joint.

    I have to say that during this time he was still training, although only doing what he could

    Two weeks later is was not getting better, in fact it was probably worse, and we had started to give him some painkillers. We went to the doctor again (surly being in that amount of pain was not right) again he poked and prodded him, and suggested that we took him to see a physiotherapist, appointment was made and we just had to wait for the date.

    The scream, not the normal type when they are just playing about, but one that goes right down to the centre of your being, the sound that tells you there is something really wrong.. rushing upstairs I find my son clinging to the wall in agony, he could not walk or move his leg, very carefully we were able to get him down stairs where we could let him sit and rest his knee. after a while it was not getting any better, so we decided to take him to the A&E.

    Waiting for two hours to be able to see a doctor, eventually he was taken in and checked, the first doctor said that it was probably just a pulled muscle and gave him some paracetamol, nearly an hour later he was still in a lot of pain, another doctor came in. she took one look at my son and prescribed morphine, giving it time to work, ( it still hurt but the pain was more bearable) she then started to check out his leg, not his knee but his hip. I thought that she was looking at the wrong notes and asked her why she was looking at his hip, she though that he was suffering from epiphysiolysis (hope its spelled that way) where the head of the femur breaks away from them bone, and the pain he was suffering was from that, the pain in his knee was called deferred pain. They promptly took him for an x-ray where they found this,

    Joint (Small).jpg

    No wonder the poor kid was in pain. Moving on he had an operation where it was reattached, and screwed in place. he had to be in a wheel chair for 6 weeks, then on crutches for 6 weeks. He never complained once during this time. he was given some exercises to do to help strengthen his muscles, much of them were like slow gentle front kicks, and stretching, he returned to TKD but only gentle front or back kicks, nothing above knee height.

    That was back in December, today he is back training, having taken his first red belt, the joint has healed although not a perfect as it was, so he needs to adjust the way he delivers his techniques.

    Kick (Sm.jpg

    We are off to the Danish Taekwondo Federation summer camp for a week of training and a little fun, OK a lot of fun. I just wanted to share this with you, as a dad who is very proud of his son (and also my other boys as well) he never gave up, and pushed on regardless.

    Sorry its a bit long,


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    Glad you found the root cause.

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