Who teaches 5-8 year olds

Discussion in 'The Instructors Room' started by Rugratzz, Apr 11, 2018.

  1. Rugratzz

    Rugratzz Active Member

    Worst best, times, do the little darlings make you want to tear your hair out, or are they perfect.

  2. Gnarlie

    Gnarlie Well-Known Member

    My youngest students are 3. I have no problem with most kids in class. They just need simple rules to learn, and the opportunity to experiment through play.

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  3. Shawchert

    Shawchert New Member

    yes don't be as hard on the young ones as you would the older ones, expect them to do more when they get older, but make it fun for them and they are good for you. I am not an instructor, but I've been teaching a 5 year old his form before class :)
  4. Mario Ray Mahardhika

    Mario Ray Mahardhika Active Member

    Most of the time they won't hear me. I must hold and move the respective body part (e.g. hand or foot) and after that they can slowly follow (but very soon forget everything). Some of them are super duper naughty that apart from not listening to my instructions, they will run around the dojang, disturbing other students or make some mess. Maybe there are one or two that really take the class seriously, they usually end up being real athelete. Not really a fun teaching experience for me. I prefer teaching older ones.

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