Why Did You Start Doing Taekwondo?

Discussion in 'General Taekwondo Discussions' started by Kevin, Apr 7, 2012.

  1. Kevin

    Kevin Administrator Staff Member

    Everyone starts training in Taekwondo for a different reason. Even though I've been a huge Martial Arts fan all my life, I didn't start Taekwondo until I was 20, and it wasn't really planned either.

    Growing up I was like most kids. I loved cartoons however I hated Disney films. I particularly hated musicals (still do). Growing up in the 80s, I used to watch a lot of videos. In the UK there were only 4 channels and they weren't 24/7. If I remember right, most channels stopped showing tv shows around midnight though some channels were on until 3am. Late at night is when TV got good though. I regularly taped Godzilla, Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan and Chuck Norris films.

    One of my neighbours went to Karate when he was about 7 or 8. Even though we were friends, I didn't go. I don't know why. I loved watching martial art films so I can't remember why I didn't start myself. When I was renewing my lifeguard exam when I was 18 (I was a lifeguard during University), I remember seeing a martial arts competition at the sports centre. Again, I was really impressed with what I saw, but this still didn't give me a kick up the ass to join a club.

    When I was 20 a friend of mine said that he fancied trying Taekwondo at a local club. I told him that I'd always wanted to do something like that but never did. He was only there for about 2 months but I stuck at it. I loved it and rarely missed a class.

    I had always enjoyed exercise. Between the ages of 16 and 20 I was fairly active and lifted weights fairly regularly. My routine had to change after going to Taekwondo though. After about a year or so I had to stop Taekwondo because my knees were hurting. I had osgood schlatter disease in my teens and was doing too much on top of my Taekwondo classes. I didn't understand how to look after myself then and work around injuries.

    I went back to Taekwondo two years later. My stretch was noticeably worse but I had more focus at training and it helped me become a better fight. I've since had a couple of major injuries since then. Anyone who has trained before and got injured will know how frustrating it is not to be able to do what you love though every time I got a major injury, I came back with more focus and more determination to do better and work harder.

    I still learning and I still love Taekwondo. I'm just coming off an 18 month lay off due to a trapped nerve I got from training in BJJ but have slowly eased back into training over the last 3 or 4 weeks. I'm still frustrated by how bad I am compared to what I was like before but with every session I can feel my kicks getting slightly better and my reaction times getting quicker. It will take time, but I'll get there :)

    It's over 12 years since my friend asked if I wanted to join him on his trip to a Taekwondo club. It's strange that something that has become such an important part of my life wasn't really thought out. I think I would have still got into martial arts at some point of my life if I hadn't went. Whether it would have been Martial Arts, who knows :)

    Why did you start training in Taekwondo? I'd love to hear how you all got started, what age you were when you started going and whether there was a reason you wanted to train Taekwondo specifically.

    Thanks for reading,
  2. Isabella

    Isabella New Member

    I stared doing taekwondo recently (2 months ago), so I´m learning how I can improve my taekwondo skills in order to get a good level. I began because I used to carry my younger brother to the TKD club in my city and I found it interesting, so I decided to join it too...now Im here learining!!
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  3. Kevin

    Kevin Administrator Staff Member

    You'd be surprised at how many people started that way. One of the black belts at my club started because his son wanted to go and once he saw what it was all about he started going too (and got his black belt before his son).
  4. Okka

    Okka New Member

    I was 12 when I stared taekwondo patterns. My brother was already doing it and when I was old enough (18) I stared to join to the closest club in my town.
  5. Chie

    Chie New Member

    I was interested in TKD since was a kid. I used to see some karate movies and different kind of martial arts movies: Legend of a Fighter, Tai Chi Master, Ten Tigers from Kwangtung, The matrix trilogy and all the movies from Jackie Chan. My hero was Jackie Chan I used to dream to be like him one day. After realising I'll be turning 25 soon I figure it's about time to get busy and make up for lost time.

    Unfortunately due to my chosen profession its very difficult to find classes regularly due to late shifts and a constantly changing work week. The only time I can attend classes is on my days off. I have found a taekwondo school on Monday and Tuesday mornings.

    I will work hard to get a good level because Im just staring.
  6. Dave

    Dave New Member

    Hello Everyone,
    I am 19 and from Lille France, and i am currently pursuing martial arts training through ninjutsu and taekwondo, i enjoy it very much and enjoy talking about it, i have been in it since i was 15. i would also appreciate any information people can give me on the style and its lineage, i have read many books and i am interested to learn more about it.
    Any help, or info, or just talk about it would help me greatly.
    Thanks everyone
  7. Leighton

    Leighton Member

    Hi all, I'm Leighton, aged 34 and been training in TKD for about 7 years. How I started was a bit random, I have always been into sport mainly playing rugby. I made a change from team sports to rock climbing as it was easier to be invovled in due to my job at the time. Whilst I was at a gym one day I saw this class doing some awsome stretching exercises and thought they would be freat for my climbing. Well 7 years on I'm well and truely hooked, love being invovled with it and now running my own classes.
  8. Kevin

    Kevin Administrator Staff Member

    @Chie - Good to have another Jackie Chan fan here :)

    @Dave - If you have any specific questions about Taekwondo please let start a new thread and we'll do our best to help you out :)

    @Leighton - That's awesome. There can't be too many that have transitioned from Rugby to Taekwondo. I actually found that people who played another sport frequently, such as football, found Taekwondo a little harder compared to others due to the stretching required to perform kicks effectively. Though people that have large thighs from football/rugby will have a great advantage in the guard position in BJJ :)

    Glad to have you all here :)

  9. jose

    jose New Member

    Hey mates,
    My name is Jose Im 44 years old. I am from Mallorca, Spain. I have been studying Taekwondo for about 3 months now and i love it. Right now i just earned my yellow belt last friday, and it feels real good that I actually have a belt with some color in it.
    I am also going to my first tournament this saturday, im sparring WTF rules, and im doing a form. Hopefully i can at least do well. Well thanks for the great forum. I hope I can learn as much useful information here as possible and maybe be able to give out some here and there. Thank you again.
  10. Kevin

    Kevin Administrator Staff Member

    Congratulations on earning your Yellow belt. You got it really quickly. In most schools that takes at least 6 months - though it depends on the organisation.

    Glad to have you here :)
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  11. Vivi

    Vivi New Member

    Hello guys,

    My name is Vivi and i'm from the UK. Only started Taekwondo last year as my Fiance got me into it as he is a 2nd Dan. Really enjoying training and I am current a yellow belt green tag. My next grading is in 2 weeks and fingers crossed i will get my green belt. I am noticing it is getting harder and harder but love the challenge. J
  12. Kevin

    Kevin Administrator Staff Member

    Hey Vivi,

    Best of luck with your grading. I'm sure you'll do well. Just make sure you practice everything you need to do beforehand and ask your instructor if there is anything you aren't 100% clear about :)

  13. Don

    Don New Member

    Hi Jose and all the others who have just started Taekwondo recently! I am loving the enthusiasm I am hearing from you...and I hope you did well in your tournaments and gradings! Just remember when the novelty wears off and you hit a plateau (we all do) that there is a time to learn and practice physical techniques, and then a time to develop the character traits that are the best tkd has to offer. Perseverance and a strong mind, to get your butt off the couch and to the Dojang is likely the most important skillset needed to achieve a higher rank and a long relationship with the martial arts.
    I have seen many very skilled and enthusiastic people quit when a period of training became like work, and the mind had not been strengthened sufficiently to keep the eye on longer term goals. This is sad to me, as they will never know the ways in which a life is enhanced by overcoming this inertia and learning the strength we have inside of us.
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  14. Chie

    Chie New Member

    Hi everyone!!! good to meet people who is professional and begginer in TKD.
    I have liked TKD since...mmm dont know. ALL MY LIFE. I joined to the TKD club in my town when I was a teenager. I remenber when I was a child I used to dream to be like jackie chan.
    Unfortunally, I couldnt train for so long, cause I stared working and I didnt have much time. I got married 8 years ago I have a kid (8) so Im thinking to start training with my little boy :)
    I think its a good chance for me to train again, becasue I have loved TKD all my life. I want to introduce TKD to my boy....maybe he would like it we could join to the TKD club together :)
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  15. Antonio

    Antonio New Member

    Hello, My name is Antonio Im 34. I live in Valencia Spain with my family (my wife and my little kid). I used to train when I was a teenager...not long time ago! hahhaha I trained for over 7 years, but unfortunally I had to stop to train.
    Now Im considering to come back with my litlle boy.
    So any advice after long time without no train???
  16. Laurinda

    Laurinda New Member

    Hi guys! My husband enjoyed taekwondo as a teenager, and liked to show me and our kids a few moves. Our sons have been going for 2 years, and I would be one of those parents who always sit and watch and support. I was often encouraged to 'give it a go' but I was worried I was too heavy and out of shape, and when you are big you feel really self-consious. Within 6 months I was up and into it, never looked back. I have lost weight, and health has improved, and I feel stronger and more confident. It's great that we can support each other in something we enjoy as a family - even our teenage daughter who cheers from the sidelines.
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  17. Wolf25

    Wolf25 New Member

    Well, I used to take classes in Shotokan Karate and Judo when I was in collage. That was a long time ago now, but I always wanted to take classes again. When a TKD Dojang opened here in town I decided to start again. I visited the school and really liked the instructor there. Now I find I am having so much fun just learning and the added bonus is it is a great workout it is too. My next grading is in May (For 5th Gup/Kup) and I am looking forward to it. My biggest goal is to keep working to improve my current skills and to learn new ones. I want to be one of those people who is still doing TKD at age 75. :)
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  18. Kevin

    Kevin Administrator Staff Member

    @Antonio - My advice would be to just jump right in. You'll have a blast.

    @Laurinda - That's great you made the step to go. I've never really had too much problems with my weight but I know it can be difficult for those who are a little heavier to make that first step and go. It sounds like you're really getting into it :)

    @Wolf - I'm the same. I want to be doing martial arts until I leave this world. Best of luck with your grading :)
  19. Luke

    Luke New Member

    Its great to hear everyones stories! Mine was watching Jean Cluade Van Damme in No retreat No Surreneder! Since then I was totally hooked on Van Damme movies and loved the fancy kicks etc he could do. I started TKD mainly because if Van Damme hehehe
  20. Laurinda

    Laurinda New Member

    Thanks Kevin, I have a really awesome club and the members are always supportive of each other. I have never experienced that at my kid's other sports they tried. We put on TKD displays at community events and though it's nerve wracking to get up in front of so many people I don't know, I like to think I am encouraging other parents that it's not just for the kids. I don't run, and I have just recently started to try jumping kicks - my instructors say even an inch off the ground counts as a 'jump' lol
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