Why Did You Start Doing Taekwondo?

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  1. Kevin

    Kevin Administrator Staff Member

    haha technically he's right haha. My jumping kicks aren't that great. It's just like everything else though - the more you practice it, the better at it you will become.

    Having a supportive club makes a huge difference. You need a good instructor who will encourage you when needed but understands your weaknesses (even if you don't).
  2. Kenji

    Kenji New Member

    Hello, the first thing i want to say is this forum is really helpful, I have learn alot just reading through. My names is Luis, i have been studying Taekwondo for about 1 and half months now and i love it, i am a natural or so i have been told, and Taekwondo would be the first thing i have ever been a natural art. That why I stared Taekwondo because I love it and it means so much in life for me. :)
  3. lynM

    lynM Member

    My story is very similar and very different; I put my 9-year old son into a rec center TKD class to help him with focus and because he is so althletic, but wasn't comfortable with team sports. I picked it because the class time and cost was good for me. The instructor has a very structured class and that was right in line with my son's personality. When my daughter turned 6 soon after, I talked her into trying it - if I would try it with her. (There was another mom who was starting at the same time with her 6 year old daughter - kismet.)

    The deal was she had to try it for at least 3 months; I had already made the deal with myself to go for at least 1 year (green belt) and see what would happen. She quit after about 6 months to do cheerleading (which to me would be the harder sport - at least I didn't have to smile and chant when doing my patterns.) My son would mostly stay in class, but sometimes he needed a break to do something else... more about him in a minute.

    I loved it. I decided I would continue on to Black Belt. Some time in my 3rd year I switched instructors. My new instructor had a more "real-life situation" approach... not just training for tournaments. We would also learn a bit of ju-jitsu and used drills more than just patterns. (Fit my personality.)

    Long story short (or not so short) is I started TKD when I was 36. I hadn't done much athletic since college. At 40 I received my 1st dan and 3 years later my 2nd dan. (Which was when my son received his Black Belt. He was off and on with training but decided he couldn't let his mom be the only BB in the family. Cool, huh?)

    And the end of the story - in the interest of full disclosure - is my instructor quit (he says temporarily) at the end of August, 2011. Ten years and 1 month of TKD for me. So I moved on to kickboxing. I didn't think I would like it as much... all that punching with those big, annoying gloves. But I do. It's so different! It's really a challenge. (And my memory is bad - TKD patterns were really becoming a problem. The KKB combos are challenging enough.)
  4. dojo

    dojo Member

    I did some kickboxing recently (couldn't find something else at the time) and it was pretty nice, even if I never expecetd to like it. Of course I wouldn't accept fighting and getting my head punched/kicked, but the bag is always a good partner. And it's such a workout :D

    Your story is so nice and inspiring. I love it when I hear parents started MA and achieved such amazing results just cause they joined for the sake of their kids. Keep it up, you've done amazingly well.
  5. lynM

    lynM Member

    Thanks. I was surprised I like the KKB so much. I think it does help to be in with a good group of people. I love going to the morning class. But my favorite parts are working one-on-one and the sparring. If I was only working the bag, I'd be too bored. I do miss the variety of kicks from TKD.
  6. Mark Greene

    Mark Greene New Member

    I begin studying Taekwon-do in July 1988 as a result of rippin up a knee playing basketball ( my second fave sport growing up ) I was 28 years old..OLD compared to many who begin their training. I "retired" in April 1997 at the rank of 3rd dan. I was in the dojang 4 hours a day, 6 days a week ( no, I didn't have a life ). I resumed my training in january 2011 after one of my best friends whom I trained with opened his school. ( Our instructor moved to Dallas in 97 ) I will be testing for 4th dan on June 30 at 52 years old. It's never too late, we are never too old, we are Taekwon-do students and practicioners.
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  7. Joe

    Joe Member

    I started because my mate dragged me along to the place (He started with Hapkido). He lasted about 3 weeks, and I just stuck with it, enjoyed it so much. Now, I am in a leading role taking class (mainly self defense). But through TKD I got into boxing, Hapkido- which w changed to MMA. However, TKD is still my favorite one of the lot
  8. Mr. Lum

    Mr. Lum New Member

    It all started with a dance class, well my 6 year old daughters dance class. Every year they have a father / daughter dance, and this year was a martial atrs themed dance compleet with dobaks. well she was so excited she started kicking and hitting everything that moved. I told her " If you want to kick and hit were going to learn the right way." she made it about six monhts and I kept training. Two years ago I took over the school from my Master Instructor. and my daughter is now a Blue Belt.
  9. maria

    maria New Member

    i took my older children to tkd classes and compertitions for around 8 years and always enjoyed watching them but never thought of joining in myself. some years later when my youngest joined, i became intrested in joining too and after another year of watching, finally joined in and love it, everyone at our club is helpful and there are a few other parents that have also joined. i have just passed my yellow belt and looking foward to my contuned journey in tkd
  10. Laurinda

    Laurinda New Member

    Just had our first grading of the year - 100% passes for our club! I am now a yellow belt, 12yo son is a green tip, 13 yo son is a green belt. I get the feeling training is going to step up a notch as I'm not in the baby belts anymore.
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  11. Kevin

    Kevin Administrator Staff Member

    Congratulations. Yeah going from white to yellow is great. It's a good feeling knowing that you are no longer white belt and knowing that you are progressing up the ranks.
  12. Rcoskrey

    Rcoskrey New Member

    I started when I was in high school. I had taken a karate class at the YMCA in the sixth grade. I also tried my luck at JUDO at the boys club where I also took up boxing. In school, I was the victim of extreme bullying. I was the real life "Karate Kid" The one with Ralph Macchio.

    I took up Taekwondo for Self-Defense. Unfortunately, my higher power had other plans for me. I started using my skills to inspire kids. I shared my story and told kids to break the chains in their life.

    Much later after high school, my life took a drastic turn. I was diagnosed with mental illness and started experiencing injustice. I was trapped in what seemed like the main story of the next Twilight Zone movie. I was almost arrested for no reason.

    Now, I want to use my skills for something else. Draw attention to the injustices that people with mental illness face all the time. Share my own experiences and bring about a change in society. What can I say? I like to inspire people. Maybe someday I can inspire people at my Dojo to be better martial artists.
  13. Brian

    Brian Member

    I was needing to get in shape and had been interested in the martial arts but also convinced I wouldn't really be able to do it, so wasn't willing to go very far for what I thought would be a short, failed attempt. In addition, we have an autistic son who is very behind verbally, and if there was an emergency I needed to be really close by so I could get home to him quickly. (Due to my being a stay-at-home dad, we've made a lot of cutbacks, and one of those is having one car...so if I'm anywhere else and something happened necessitating a rush to the ER - which has happened - I like to be close.) I got lucky and saw a TKD class at a place five minutes from me. Starting taking it, fully expecting soon I'd peak out and that would be that.

    3+ years later, I'm a black belt and an instructor trainee at the request of my teacher.
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  14. Christina

    Christina New Member

    I started because it was something that interested me, and I wondered if I could do it. I was just turing 40. I was also going thru a tempestuous divorce, of which I had tried to leave my "abusive" (a matter of opinion, depending if you ask him or me, lol) ex husband several times. I have seen such a change in myself, and I marvel at the return of my old personality as I become more successful at TKD. I wish that I had started sooner, and I especially wish that I knew some of the self defence moves prior to my divorce.
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  15. Laurinda

    Laurinda New Member

    Wow .... great work
  16. Brian

    Brian Member

    Thank you ma'am.

    Heck, part of the reason I kept on going in it was to see if this NEXT belt would be the one to stop me. Morbid curiosity. ;-)
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  17. Laurinda

    Laurinda New Member

    lol I'm still in a mild state of shock that I have achieved my yellow belt.
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  18. Jon Sloan

    Jon Sloan Member

    I was enamored by "The Karate Kid" movies when I was a teenager, but growing up in a northern Minnesota town where martial arts training is a bit of a luxury, I waited until I was in college to start. My 5 years training in Tang Soo Do was great(1988-1993), it was probably where most of my learning took place. After I graduated from college, I couldn't find any TSD do-jahngs around where I had relocated to, and looked into a lot of the TKD schools. I resumed my training in 1994 and achieved my black belt in 1995, and Certified Instructorship shortly afterwards. I am currently 5th Dan in an "americanized" version of ITF TKD, and 1st Dan in Haidong Gumdo, a Korean sword art. I am hoping to promote to 6th Dan sometime in 2013.
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  19. Christina

    Christina New Member

    Is your Northern Minnesota as far north as my Northern Minnesota??? :) Roseau
  20. Martin Harvey

    Martin Harvey New Member

    The simple answer was I wanted to do something 'martial arty' and I opend the local paper and there was a Tae Kwon Do club advertised.
    This was in the days when nobody had ever heard of it(1974). It was run by Clive Neal who was the 3rd person in the UK to pass his black belt under First Grand Master Rhee, or just Master Rhee as he was in those days.
    I went along and that was it. No here I am 38 years later.....God that makes me feel old.
    I took 10 years off TKD in the late 80's -90's but returned to it and am still learning.
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