Why Did You Start Doing Taekwondo?

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  1. Brodie

    Brodie New Member

    yeah man the higher you go the harder it gets but that is the fun of it
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  2. Tc Liming

    Tc Liming New Member

    I started Martial Arts after being chased out in front of a car and hit by the local bullies of my hometown. I wasn't allowed to "Fight" because my Father at that time of my life was a Minister and believed that fighting was a sin. So after my first fight at age 6 (which I won) I made the mistake of thinking my Father would be proud that I successfuly defended myself, instead I got the whopping of a life time followed by scripture as to why I should never fight again, ok, that makes any kid an instant "Wuss" if you will. but after I got hit by the car a few years later, the local Martial Arts Instructor of my home town had heard about what happend, came and visited me and my family, sat my Father down and explained that even though being religious was a good thing, letting your children go with out knowing how to protect themselves was not. all the while pointing to me as I lay on the couch unable to move very well from my injuries. (I was a road rash mess plus had stiches in my head) then after that talk with my Father He asked me, "What would you do if I taught you to fight?" I replied, "I would only defend myself and others in need if I saw they needed help." Since I didn't say something stupied like "I'll go get even with them bullies" I was given "free lessons" (provided I clean the Dojo every night after class) So began my Martial Arts Training in Wing Chung Kung Fu.

    I didn't even know who Bruce Lee was at the time. But I found that the Kung Fu Training was very long and very Intricate. Then after about two years I started getting a local reputation, always inviting my friends to come spar in the back yard, I would show friends some moves ect. Then I met a Guy who was a First Don Black Belt in Taekwondo, and he opend my eyes to what Real Martial Arts Fighting was about. I ended up reaching the level of Black Sash in Wing Chung, but because I could never afford to Pay for testing I never officially got my Rank.

    So I stared training with my Taekwondo Friend and did so for about 2 years. then I grew up, moved on made a life, got married had kids and slowly the Martial Arts side of my life got put to the side, then a server Hamstring tear in my left leg wiped it away for good.. well.. almost. I would still do forms and I taught my children how to defend themselves but in my heart the longing for Official Recgonition as a Martial Artist poked at my soul, so 8 years after I said, "I quit" I found my self drawn to go, "Back to Class" but since I had moved a long way from home I needed to first, decide if I wanted to go back to Kung Fu or take up the cool Kicking sport side of Taekwondo.

    Well after a little research I found a Great Home with Asian Sun Taekwondo in Akron Ohio, I am currently a Green belt 1 week away from testing for Green Tip, I have made a lot of good friends and some addmirers (how often does a white belt walk into class with flip kicks, counters ect?? lol) I help when needed with training lower ranks (and sometimes the black belts due to my vast knowlage of training) I also Volunteer my time for events that my school holds. I plan on achiving my dream as a Black belt but I also want to become a full time instructor and one day reach Master and have my own school.
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  3. Jon Sloan

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    Not quite! :) Actually a lot closer to Duluth/Cloquet.
  4. Christina

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    Grins! you might be part of my association...:) did your teacher go to korea this summer?
  5. Master Fahy

    Master Fahy Active Member

    I am one of those who watched Bruce Lee in the Green Hornet way back in the day and just had to learn to do the things he could do. I started learning from a paperback book,"Bruce Tegner's Complete book of self-defence!" Still have that book! I started formal training in Tang Soo Do, received my black belt in that art. After going to Korea in the Army, I couldn't find a Tang Soo Do dojang (I was on the DMZ) they all were located in the south (I was in the north) so I started taking TaeKwonDo and been doing it since 1982. Now a Oh Dan (5th Dan) black belt.
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  6. Jon Sloan

    Jon Sloan Member

    Actually, my instructor lives in Texas, and myself and another friend teach in a do-jahng that is not directly affiliated with many organizations, though many Dan students are encouraged to apply and test for Kukkiwon certification through a Grandmaster that we share our facility with.

    I am a Regional Director and Board member for The Worldwide Martial Arts Federation, an organization started by my instructor.
  7. Len

    Len New Member

    Hi, I'm a new member and have to say, feels quite good to be part of a group, wherever and whenever we are. If I remember why I took Taekwondo, it was mainly for self-defence - I was quite young, not even 10 years old, and I got bullied for many years. At first, I wanted to learn how to fight so as to protect myself, and to ensure I never ended up being a weakling of the class. My reasons still hasn't changed, but due to lack of good clubs near where I lived I was forced to self-teach myself using internet - I have to say, it's not really effective, mainly due to lack of supervision to correct any mistakes (which I think I make a lot ^^;) Hope I don't sound too melancholic or anything, it wasn't intended!
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  8. Len

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    Wow, quite a tale, if one could say. I'm sorry to hear about your accidents, both in your childhood and in your adulthood. Seems to me many people have this... urge (for a lack of better word) to learn how to defend themselves, usually after certain events like being bullied etc. Good to see that you've pulled through, despite the ordeal you went through, and that really says something about being a strong character.
    Also good to see a green belt pulling off moves which only higher belts can achieve! That would leave quite an impression on other people (I would know, I was a white belt, coming back to taekwondo after nearly a decade, and on the first day managed to do a jumping split kick! Go me! :D ) At first, I was in a hurry to become a black belt as soon as I can, but after reading your post, I see that it's not necessary - age isn't important in taekwondo, what is important is the will to get there, and your words helped me see that, so thanks!
    I'm at university right now (first year, shucks...) so my life's all chaotic with insane amount of studying to do, etc etc, but once I graduate, I'm definitely coming back to taekwondo! 'Till then, I'll just have to go over what I already learnt, and so on... :(
  9. Laurinda

    Laurinda New Member

    Thanks Mark. At 39 and just starting out , I ask myself "am I too old for all this?" Then I remind myself that I am training for my own pleasure and personal health and wellbeing, and when I am ready to reach the next grade so be it - no rush. So good to read stories from others that started later in life.
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  10. Leonard

    Leonard Member

    Hello guys,
    Well it all started when i was 8 years old, I first started Karate and then after a while my instructor got injured and the dojo closed down soon after.
    My aunt and cousins then were joining Kung Fu-Kickboxing, so i asked if i could come with them but after a while they stopped going so i had to stop going.
    Then i tried Gymnastics for a couple of years.
    Anyways, when i turned 10 years old, my mum mentioned a Taekwondo place 10 minutes from where i lived so i thought i would try it out, it was ITA TKD but i stayed there for 6 years and got my senior second degree black belt as my brother also joined 2 years after me and got his 1st degree black belt after a certain amount of time.
    Then after a while i couldn't bebothered to test and my club got boring for me, my brother felt this so he quit at the same time as me.
    My brother had then become interested in dancing, so he took that up and i got an evening job and done full time college after i had finished school.
    A couple of years after i had quit Taekwondo, i wanted to get back into Martial arts, but i couldn't since i had an evening job, but the current job i'm at now has allowed me to get back into Martial Arts.
    So when i was thinking about getting back into MA, i was seriously thinking of going back to Taekwondo, but i thought i'd try something different, so i then found the UK Shaolin Temple association and decided to give them ago, i started last september and i am still there and loving it, however at the back of my mind i desperately wanted to get back into Taekwondo as i have always had a special love for it but i didn't want to quit my current art since i was addicted to it, so i decided to also take up Taekwondo aswell as doing my Shaolin.
    However i wanted to try a different Taekwondo organisation and not go back to the ITA and even though i thank the ITA for giving me the roots of TKD, i would never again go back there, especially since i have found (imo) an even better organisation which is ITF.
    They do things alot different to what i did at ITA and although i strongly think the ITA club back then was a mcdojang, i have had the best times when i was there.
    So yeah, here i am now starting out as a 10th kup, taking my first seminar training and grading on the 1st July for my 9th Kup.
    I someday want to be a Martial Arts Instructor and i don't care how long it takes and even if i don't be an instructor, i want to do something with Martial Arts.
    I'm 27 now, so i'm pretty young in terms of MA, i have alot of time to get better and now i will only grade when i am 100% ready.
  11. Doug Johnson

    Doug Johnson New Member

    I got started after shooting my fool mouth off to a local drug dealer in the late 80's. He responded by attacking me and I got pinned to the ground and started getting a good pummeling. He was high at the time and as hard as I could hit him he didn't feel a thing. I would have received a serious beating if I hadn't been with friends who dragged him off and tossed him in a nearby lake. I was very frightened of going out after dark for a while thereafter. I decided I didn't want to live that way and thought that with my big mouth I was likely to continue to get myself in trouble if I didn't learn to defend myself. This was in mid-August and I was in Taekwondo classes as soon as they started near my home in September of 1989. Haven't stopped since.
  12. Matt Parker

    Matt Parker New Member

    I began when I was 19 after some rather unscrupulous types I had trouble with in high school thought it'd be ok to use me as a punching bag...well, long story short, once I healed from a few broken bones and bruises, I started training...at age 27 I earned my 1st Dan and assisted teaching for 8 years after that, I have gotten away from it since I joined the military but my son wants to get into it so I may use this as a reason to re-commit to training, even if it's only to train him....
  13. Taekwonpro

    Taekwonpro New Member

    I saw numerous Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan movies when I was 4.

    Nothing would ever be the same again.
  14. Brendan

    Brendan New Member

    I started as my daughters started doing it at school, i would come along each time to collect them early so i could watch. I started WTF last september and have found it beneficial for a long standing back problem i have had and for my general fitness. I know i am not that good but i enjoy it which is the main thing. I think it has improved my self confidence and my only regret that i did not start it years ago, 46 now!
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