WTF/Kukki switching to Jidokwan... What does that imply?

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    As far as I know the school I go to almost always been WTF/Kukki ever since the term korean Karate switched to TKD. We are starting a new session after the summer break and we have been informed by the master of all the schools in the region that we would now be TKD JiDoKwan but without much information other than that.

    From what I could find on the net JiDoKwan seems to work along Kukki and WTF and use the same material. Other than Jidokwan being one of the original kwans and not considering the videos on youtube where some supposed master use very sloppy techniques, What is that change supposed to mean?

    Are Dans given by Jidokwan instead that Kukki? is there any material that will be brought to class? Is it a way to aim to being more traditionnal?

    Any info on JiDoKwan will be greatly appreciated ;)

    (Our master is usually not present to our Dojang (the reason why I didn't ask him) and my teacher have not been informed on this change)
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    Hi Asphalt,

    The Jidokwan was one of the original Kwans, and continues to operate as an association today, albeit one that is cooperative with the Kukkiwon. That means it is likely that you will have the option of doing your 1st dan grading either with the Kukkiwon certification (valid internationally at all schools where the Kukkiwon syllabus is recognised), with the Jidokwan certification (only valid within Jidokwan schools), or with both. It's fairly common, for example, for a higher dan grade to hold say 4th Dan Kukkiwon, but 5th or 6th Dan within their own Kwan. This is largely given to represent the ability and knowledge of the master within the Kwan, because the time limits between grades with Kukkiwon certification gets longer and longer the higher you go.

    Have a look at the Jidokwan Society, there is a LOT of significant and historical information about Taekwondo in general and the Jidokwan there: Incidentally, the modern history of Taekwondo available on that site is one of the most objective and accurate I have been able to find.

    As far as your own Taekwondo education and experience goes, it really won't make very much difference as Jidokwan and the Kukkiwon standard are very close. Jidokwan also retains some of the more martial aspects of Taekwondo and some of the Buddhist values.

    Let us know what your experience of the change is like.
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