Wtf style sparring; pushing kick and points

Discussion in 'Taekwondo Sparring' started by Deathnever, Sep 9, 2014.

  1. Deathnever

    Deathnever Member

    I find myself using the pushing kick as often as i can when i spar, yet i was wondering does a pushing kick score?

    So what I'm asking is

    Would a pushing kick score in a wtf style tournament?

    Do you consider Pushing kicks as scoring kicks in your sparring class? (wtf/Itf whatever)
  2. akisbat

    akisbat Member

    If you push , there is no point cause there is no impact , you know ,that "boom". It is used just to hold your position and control your opponent. But a kick with the same technique can score a point if it is used to hit .
  3. Keigo

    Keigo Member

    I'd like to add on to what akisbat posted.

    For manual scoring, I agree with akisbat in that there will be no point due to no impact, correct me if im wrong, that 'boom' sound is one of the things that the judges usually look out for to determine impact.

    But if using electronic scoring, you can actually angle your foot more sideways, hitting with the sensor on the bottom of the foot protector (its located on the arch of your foot), so you can score a point using push/cut kicks. Granted, that sensor on the bottom was intended more for back kicks, but the impact from cut kicks can sometimes be enough to register as a valid point. I believe it was due to this reason that they re-introduced that penalty for raising legs without kicking.

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