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  1. Finlay

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    Well it is the end of another year. I though I would start a thread for people to reflect about their training over the past year and look forward to the next.

    For myself

    2016 has been a tough year for training, I am an instructor is 3 styles but only managed to focus on one in the beginning if the year and one at the end.

    That being said at least one of those has improved.

    I am also a recreational lifter and left the year with better numbers so that is a plus.

    Next year I am aiming to really push my training again. Already signed up for two training camps and trying to find some one to help me make videos for my applications to add to my blog.

    Planning is the key
  2. Matt

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    2016 was a big year for me as well. I became certified as a 4th dan in both AAU Taekwondo in the United States and 4th dan with Kukkiwon. I also moved away from home to go to college after I became a junior olympian in the 2016 AAU Junior Olympics. I officiated at these games and won in traditional patterns with Yoo-Sin and power kicking with a massive twist kick break. 2017 will be a more dull year as I continue my training at college progressing towards that 5th dan test a few years down the road.
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    Bit late to this thread but 2016 was a final realisation for me that at 45 I can't eat and train the same way i'd did 10 years ago. Since January I have done 3 things. A)cleaned up my diet B)Focused on improving my flexibility C)Working on my weaker right kicks. So far seeing improvement in all areas. Hope 2017 continues in this positive way.
  4. northface

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    ps Clothes fitting better, recovering quicker and jumping higher as a result. Not bad for 45 :)

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