Yon Gae Tul Side Kicks

Discussion in 'Taekwondo Patterns' started by Martin Harvey, Feb 7, 2015.

  1. Martin Harvey

    Martin Harvey New Member

    Can anyone confirm if the High Section Side Piercing kicks in Yon Gae are performed with the hands pulled across the body or as normal with the leading hand punching over the kicking leg?

    Both copies of the ITF 15 volume encyclopaedia I have say the first kick is done normally, punching over the kicking leg and the second one is performed pulling the arms across the body, however the ITF CD ROM video shows both performed punching over the kicking leg, whilst Master Hogan's black belt patterns book says the hands are pulled across the body on both kicks.

  2. Martin Harvey

    Martin Harvey New Member

    Have had it confirmed by a 9th Degree that it's neither.
    The hands are held in front of the chest on both kicks
  3. Anthony Hayward

    Anthony Hayward Active Member

    If the style you are doing is true ITF then you should go by what is written in the encyclopaedia. Don't follow the pictures there are some mistakes. If your school is not performing the true ITF then I guess you do whatever your master tells you to do.

    Now I guess you could ask "What is true ITF"... If you look at the history of ITF Taekwon-Do, the technique evolved into the style as it was performed when the general passed away. Some ITF masters will say that true ITF is how the system was when it was developed. I.e. No sine-wave, all kicks performed at high section, power is generated from the hips and nothing else etc etc etc. You could also include the patterns and say that Ko-Dang is apart of the true ITF not Juche and if you are doing true ITF then you must do Ko-Dang tul.

    All of this is correct and can be grounds for an argument as to what the true ITF is.
    A lot of the early masters left the ITF to do their own thing and their technique/ visions of the ITF are still as what is was when they left. As I said, Taekwon-Do evolved over the years to what I call the "revised" ITF. If your school or system performs the style of ITF Taekwon-Do true to General Choi then you must follow what is written text in the encyclopaedia and perform the 24 patterns which include Juche not Ko-Dang.
    If your school follows the original ITF then your master will guide you as to what he sees as correct.

    Both are not wrong, they are just different and are definitely required to be around to show the history/ evolution of the art of Taekwon-Do. I have nothing against these other off shoot styles, they have merits and I agree with a lot of what they say and do.

    I may be cynical here but my views of Taekwon-Do are that if you are not doing the system as left to us by General Choi then you are not doing Taekwon-Do. You are doing Korean Karate... Which is perfectly fine to me. As I said this is Korean martial arts history..
    The only issue with this is that on the world stage you will find it hard to find places that do exactly as you do and you can't train everywhere. At least when you follow General Choi's system you can travel anywhere in the world and find people doing exactly the same thing.


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